Making a Light-Proof Spray Bottle

I’ve decided to make this little segment it’s own post.  I felt like it kind of distracted from the cleaning wonders of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide!

Update *10/6/13*  Guess what???  There’s a MUCH EASIER way to get a light-proof spray bottle than painting one (like shown below).  If you’re wanting a good bottle for your hydrogen peroxide, look no farther than the one it’s already in!  The threading on the bottle neck is the perfect size for the screw-on sprayers.  I just took one off of one of my bottles and put it onto the hydrogen peroxide bottle.  Oila!  There you go:Hydrogen Peroxide Sprayer-1

If the tube is too long, go ahead and cut it down.  If you’re wanting a nicer-looking set-up, read below to find out how to make your own.


To get the maximum effectiveness from these two products, they need to be kept in separate bottles and then sprayed one after another on the surface you are cleaning.  The hydrogen peroxide degrades in light so it needs to be kept in an opaque, light-proof bottle.

The first bottle that I made was something I did pretty quickly with duct tape:  

Not so pretty, huh?  To top it off, the sprayer was never great so I recently decided to upgrade.

Here’s my less redneck-looking spray bottle:

I took an existing spray bottle, peeled the stickers off (in hind sight, I realize that I should have used some Goo Gone to get the sticker entirely off), and sanded the surface to allow the paint to stick better. I used several coats of black spray paint that we already had on hand.  Since I didn’t want any paint to get into the bottle, I covered the opening with masking tape. I didn’t have primer on hand but if I did, I would have used it since paint has a harder time staying on plastic. (Krylon also makes a spray paint that  is specifically formulated for plastic!)  The black was a very matte finish, so I also used a clear top-coat to help protect the black paint.

  1. Neat idea! Except don’t use the Goo-Gone…Nasty stuff! I had a maintenance person tell me it can cause a host of problems including infertility in women.


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