Making Homemade Peanut Butter

This is going to be a short one – because making your own peanut butter is easy.  Really easy.

All you need is:Image

A container of peanuts ~3 cups. (I like the “lightly salted” peanuts because it has just enough salt to flavor the peanut butter without me having to add any.  If you want to limit sodium though, just grab some unsalted nuts)

A good food processor/blender.  We invested in a Vitamix a year and a half ago and have been very pleased with it.  I use it almost daily as my food processor or blender.  It’s a work horse.  You don’t have to have a Vitamix to make peanut butter but you do need to have a blender or processor that won’t burn out from a heavy “load”.

Dump the peanuts in the blender/food processor.Image

Turn the machine on and increase your variable speed from lowest setting (you always want to start at the lowest setting!) to the highest setting.

Using a tamper, press the nuts into the blades.  (You can see my tamper in the picture above)

Keep working the mixture for about 1 minute until you have a smooth, creamy butter.Image

This is my least favorite part – scraping out the peanut butter to a tupperware.  It only takes a couple of minutes but I always get my hands messy as I’m trying to get it all.Image

Because there are no added preservatives, you want to keep your peanut butter in the fridge to keep the oils from going rancid.

Why do I make our peanut butter?  Surprisingly, it doesn’t really save us that much money.  The cost of peanuts and peanut butter are pretty even.

BUT, I don’t add any sugar.  I realized that almost every time I used peanut butter, it was in conjunction with something sweet like honey, jelly, bananas, chocolate, etc.

I’ve really grown to love the flavor of freshly ground peanut butter without the added sugar too.  I remember when I was in high school and my mom started buying natural peanut butter.  I thought she was crazy and complained long and loud about missing my Skippy!  Once again, about 10 years later, I realize how right she was and have come around.

There are no added oils or preservatives.  We’re definitely far from perfect with our eating habits but I try to cut out the “extras” where I can in our diets.  I’m still a busy mom with two children so sometimes convenience foods are, well, convenient!

Another small reason (that might just be to satisfy my own paranoid mind) is that I feel that homemade peanut butter has to have a lot less rat and bug parts per million!  Is anyone else disgusted by the amount of gross things that are acceptable in our peanut butter?  I’m sure there’s still things I don’t want to know about in my containers of nuts . .

but irrational or not . . .

I feel better.

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