Natural Cleaning – Baking Soda

Another wonderful household product that almost all of us have on hand is baking soda.  Good ol’ sodium bicarbonate.  Although it has spent most of it’s time in my kitchen cupboard, over the last couple of years it has been used more and more for cleaning.  Until I started cleaning with baking soda, I had no idea that it came in a 4lb box!    I’m now one of those crazy people buying very random items in bulk.

“Yes, I have 3 large boxes of baking soda and 2 gallon containers of vinegar and 6 bottles of hydrogen peroxide in my cart.  No, don’t even try guessing what I’m using them for . . . and don’t judge me by my shopping cart lady!”

Anyone else have those moments at the grocery store?

Why clean with baking soda?  For me, partly because it’s inexpensive, partly because it’s natural and safe, and partly because it’s just so good at cleaning certain messes!

My number one cleaning chore that I grab the baking soda for is the stovetop.  It’s grittiness gently scours the enamel surface and those stubborn grease spots seem to just melt away.  I just wipe down the stovetop with a rag to get the large crumbs off and then sprinkle the surface with baking soda.  Then, I use my damp (freshly rinsed) rag to scour the surface.  It makes a paste that is very effective at cleaning.  I keep rinsing my rag and wiping the surface until the baking soda is all cleaned up and so is my stove.

Here are some other uses for baking soda in your kitchen:

  • Combined with vinegar, it makes a great drain cleaner.
  • It’s good for scouring your kitchen sink to remove stains.
  • We all know that an opened box can deodorize your fridge/freezer but you can also sprinkle it in the trash can to help deodorize that too!
  • It removes scuff marks from doors and walls.
  • Soaking pans with burned-on food in baking soda and water first will make clean-up much easier.

Here are some uses for baking soda in your bathroom:

  • Scouring the toilet bowl to deodorize and clean instead of bleach.
  • Cleaning the shower and tub.

I have actually come up with a fun and crazy combo for cleaning my showers and tubs.  It involves me splashing some white vinegar around on the walls, floors, and doors.  Follow that up with a good sprinkling of baking soda all over (here’s where the fun fizzing begins) and then for good measure I squirt a little Dawn dish soap into the mix.  Scrub it all around and then rinse.  I’ve found this to be way more fun and there’s not much in the way of fumes as opposed to the shower cleaner that I used to use!  Okay, okay . . . and I get to feel like a three year old making an art project with all of my splashing, sprinkling and squirting.

General cleaning ideas with baking soda:

  • Deodorizing carpets (sprinkle on and then vacuum off)
  • Deodorizing garbage disposal
  • Cleaning grout in tile
  • Cleaning stained coffee pots and mugs

Health and Beauty Care:

  • Using baking soda as a facial scrub gently sloughs off dead skin cells and smoothes and softens skin.
  • It balances skin’s pH and is an antioxidant that helps to fight skin breakouts.
  • Baking soda is great for eczema and psoriasis sufferers because it hydrates and soothes red, dry, itchy patches and helps promote blood flow to regenerate healthy skin.

I’m sure there are many other uses for baking soda beyond this little list and in our baked goods.  Let me know if you’ve got any favorite uses for baking soda in your house!

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