Let’s Take a Hike

Do you want to see more of this amazing area that we live in?

One morning this week, both of my boys were in school and I thought I’d take you on a hike around my little desert neighborhood to see some of the sites.  Come join me and my trusty trail-dog, Heidi, on a 3.5 mile trip through sand and rocks!

Here’s our start. It’s a half mile climb in soft sand. Sound bad? Well, the silver lining is that if we go up at the beginning then we get to come down at the end!
Almost to the top!

Fly Guy has been doing some serious running lately and knows this area backwards and forwards. When I first started running this trail, he told me to find the trailhead by looking for a cairn (a small pile of rocks). Hmmm . . . .
Well, here it is – no wonder I missed it the first 5 times!
We’ve reached the overlook! You can see the little town of Joshua Tree in the distance. Get ready for a fast and fun scramble down the back!
It’s about this time that my mind starts to play the “If I Were a Mojave Viper Where Would I Be Lurking?” game.
The sun is intense here but this desert has it’s own beauty.
The #1 tip for hiking during snake season is to step on TOP of rocks and not OVER them!  You never know what might be on the other side.
As I look back up the hillside that I’ve just slid/climbed down, I begin to think about the local mountain lions and whether it’s true that they like to attack their prey from above.
Heidi found our next trail marker! Now that we’ve gotten to the valley floor, the fallen Joshua tree marks our trail to the right.

Back into the rocks for a climb. Do you see the trail? I never know where it is and I don’t think I’ve ever gone the same way twice!
This is a wonderland for rock climbers and little boys alike.
The nice people that own property near this trail have provided a little path through their property to the road. Complete with antlers and desert yard art!
The love that Heidi and I have for these trees and the one area of shade they provide is almost absurd. Heidi always takes the time to lay down here and sometimes . . . so do I.
Almost home – just a half mile downhill run. Okay, really, at this point it’s more of a controlled stumble and the sun is getting hotter by the minute.  Let’s go home!
But first, here’s Miss Heidi looking much prettier than I am at this point in the hike.

Here’s where we’re going to leave you as we concentrate on getting home and enjoying a smoothie.

I hope you had a fun hike – we sure did!

  1. Gorgeous! We made the big trip from Northern BC, Canada to San Diego & LA this year. (Yes it was a trip for the kids to Disneyland, but we stayed in San Clemente) I loved the desert hills. I wish we had seen more of it. I also loved the ocean mind you. . . . . It is a beautiful place you live in.

  2. That is wonderful, Emily! It IS a beautiful and amazing world you live in!
    Just got back from Santa Fe so I was remaindered of the beauty of the desert, just incredible.
    So happy to see Heidi is along on your adventures!

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