Classy Western Wedding

Wondering where I’ve been?

I try to post about twice a week but you may have noticed that it’s been spaced out a bit more than that recently.  Well, we have been on quite the whirlwind trip!

I, my mom, two boys and a dog drove halfway across the country from California to Missouri to come home for my sister-in-law’s wedding this past Saturday.  (Have I mentioned how awesome my mom is???)  My husband couldn’t get very much time off of work this month so he had to fly in for the extended weekend.  Poor guy – he misses the midwest just as much as I do – and he was very sad to leave so soon.

I thought you’d like to check out some of the great shabby chic decorating ideas that Bethany (my sister-in-law) came up with for her reception.

Let me preface this by saying, Bethany is a classy girl who has great taste in design and clothing.  She always has the cutest purses but she’s no girly-girl.  She’s a horse-riding, gun-toting, takes no sass kind of lady who’s not afraid to get a little dirty.  She loves country music, boots, and anything sparkly.  I’ve been lucky to have her and her sister as my new “sisters” since Fly Guy and I were married.

The reception was in a HUGE barn at an old riding ranch that made just the perfect setting.

Arrangements of flowers were set onto the top of the metal piece and then mason jars were fitted with wires to hang from various horseshoes.

The groom, Kameron, handcrafted these gorgeous centerpieces out of horseshoes himself.  Don’t you think he should go into business doing this?  He did such a beautiful job on these!

Mason jars were everywhere – they held the flowers, they held coffee beans and candles, they were hanging from the centerpieces, and they were used as drinking glasses.  The reception room was filled with a light and sparkle that was lovely contrasted with the rustic barn wood.

The flowers were done very well.  I’ve never seen wheat in juxtaposition with hydrangea and roses before but it makes me wish I could go back and redo the flowers at my wedding!

Clear silverware was wrapped in a napkin, tied with twine, and set into this rustic ash bucket that had been scrubbed and lined with burlap.  Details like these really made the reception hall interesting to look at.

This simply pretty wedding cake was set on a barnwood stand (again, made by the handy groom!) and flanked by two cake tables that held desserts that were made by family and friends.  I LOVE this idea as it helped to keep cake costs down and also made the wedding more personal and gave all the guests an incredible array of cake flavors to choose from!  Bethany made framed labels not only with the name/flavor of each cake but also with the name of the person who baked it and their relationship to the happy couple.

Another fun touch is Bethany’s mother’s wedding dress alongside one of her saddles.

And then, at the end of the whole night, guests were invited to grab a jar of homemade strawberry jam or apple butter as a favor on the way out.

For those of you who are looking for ideas for your own shabby chic wedding, I hope you can get a little inspiration from this amazing reception that Bethany put together.

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