Lego Shelves for Lego Fans – Picture Tutorial

Lego Shelf Finished (1 of 5)My boys love Legos.

Scratch that.  My older son LOVES to build with Legos while my younger son LOVES to have his brother build him things to play with.  I put that down as an age thing and am assuming that my little guy will do more building as he gets older.

Nevertheless, Legos are huge in our household so for Christmas this year I decided to make the boys each a Lego shelf.  I’d seen these Lego shelves online and loved the idea but instead of shelling out 1 490.00 Krone, I decided to make them myself.

This tutorial will show amounts to make ONE Lego shelf.  If you are wanting to make more, multiply amounts accordingly.

What you need:

1 large green Lego base sheet, cut down the middle (This was easily cut in half with my kitchen scissors.  I used both halves to make 2 shelves.)

Wood:  1″ x 6″ x at least 2′ long  (I had some scraps that I cut from but this amount should cover your needs for one shelf)

3/8″ x 3/8″ Cove Moulding

Wood glue

Nails and/or wood screws

Silicone Adhesive

Stain or Primer/Paint

2 Hooks with screws

Let’s Get Started:

-If you haven’t already, cut your large green Lego base sheet (10″x10″) in half.  You will use one 10″x5″ piece for this shelf.Lego Shelf (2 of 11)

-Measure out and cut a 5″x10″ top for your shelf.  This size is dictated by the size of the green Lego sheet that you cut in half to top your shelf.

-Measure out and cut a 4.5″x10″ back for your shelf.  (I did this one a little shorter because the top sits on top and adds to the perceived height.  It just looked better a little shorter.)

Since I was using wood scraps, I ended up making the top out of red oak and the back out of birch.
Since I was using wood scraps, I ended up making the top out of red oak and the back out of birch.

-Sand both pieces of wood well and make sure to sand away any sharp corners!

-Glue the backing to the top and let sit for about 30 minutes until it’s rather set.Lego Shelf (7 of 11)

-Nail or screw the top securely into the backing.  There are no pictures of this step because my new nail gun and I haven’t made friends yet and the results were slightly horrifying.  Luckily, if you run into this problem for yourself, remember that as long as you get everything flush, it doesn’t matter too much how the top looks because it will have the Lego plate covering it.

-Cut down your cove moulding to 10″ long and then glue into place on the inner corner where the two pieces of wood join.

-Sand everything again lightly.

-Prime and paint everything well.  This took me several coats.  OR stain the shelf to your desired color and then seal.

-Once the paint is thoroughly dry, adhere the Lego sheet to the top of your shelf with silicone adhesive.  There might be a better product out there that you real wood-workers know of but since this bonds to both plastic and wood, it worked for me!Lego Shelf (9 of 11)

-Attach 2 hooks to the shelf backing.Lego Shelf (10 of 11)

-Drill two small holes for screwing the shelf into the wall.  I used the size drill bit that my wall anchor and screw set called for.  And yes, I highly recommend anchoring this if you’re screwing into drywall.  The shelf will be loaded down – immediately!Lego Shelf Finished (4 of 5)

Lego Shelf Finished (2 of 5)Please don’t judge my carpentry skills.  This is not a tutorial from a woodworking expert.  I just thought I’d share what I did since  it worked out pretty well and the boys love them.  In fact, my Grandpa is a carpenter and I credit him with my interest in woodworking.  However, I do not practice enough to feel like my results are ever what I had imagined.  Let’s just hope that I didn’t embarrass my Grandpa too much with my less-than-expert skills.  🙂

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