I’m Inspired!

I had the opportunity to go to the Road to California Quilt show on Thursday.  I wasn’t sure what to expect – I’d never been to a quilt show before.

It was AMAZING!  There are some very talented people out there and I truly enjoyed getting to see the many types of quilts.

I tend to make more traditional quilts.  In case you haven’t seen, here’s my latest project:Scattered Stars

But sadly, it’s just sat there for a couple of months as I’ve been busy working on other things.  This is my spring quilt and now I’m running out of time.  The Quilt show was just what I needed to get inspired and get back to work!

What amazed me the most were the art quilts.  They truly looked like paintings.  Since I was hauling my four-year old along, I didn’t bring my camera but I was able to capture some of my favorites with the old camera phone.  Enjoy!

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