Easy Green Onions

There’s nothing worse than reaching into the bottom of the veggie drawer to find that the green onions have already gotten slimy!  Didn’t I just buy those a week or so ago?

So, how do you keep fresh green onions on hand without buying them on a weekly basis?

Plant them.

The ones you buy at a grocery store, I mean.

Just cut them about 1/2″ above the end of the white onion area on the bulb end.

Plant them (root side down) with just a little bit sticking up from the soil.Planting green onion bulbs

You’ll notice within a week or two that there’s new growth from the middle.  Before long, your green onion is ready to be harvested!  Just cut it about 1/2″ to 1″ above the ground and you’ll have fresh green onions your entire growing season.  In a zone 8 climate, that’s all-year round.

Easy Green onions
This picture shows the amount of regrowth only 2 weeks after they were cut.  The ends on mine are looking funny because they have gotten so fat – read below:

The only thing I noticed is that the green onion gets a bit wider and fatter after a while.  There’s a lot more space inside each stalk.  For about $1.50, I might just pull them all up and plant some more grocery store onions!  It’s so much faster than starting from seeds.

How to Store Green Onions

We like to cut ours as we need them.  We have about 6 plants and they are more than enough for our family of four.  I usually just send my oldest out to snip one off and bring in for dinner.  But sometimes I get a little lazy and our onions become jungle-esque.  I hack ’em all off to start over again.

Green Onion Harvest
Our most recent onion harvest.

What to do with a bundle of onions that get slimy way too quickly in the fridge?

You can dry them or freeze them.

I prefer drying them in my dehydrator.  Just slice them into 1/4″ wide rings and throw onto your dehydrator tray (with added mesh liner to keep them from falling through).Green Onions before dehydrating

*Tip* A fast and easy way to slice green onions is to use scissors!

Dry for about 8 hours.  They should be nice and crispy. Dried Green Onion

I toss my dried onions into a lot of dishes.  You can throw them in whole or they easily crumble for smaller bits.  Use them within 12 months.

How to store dried green onions
These store very well in a glass mason jar.

If you freeze the green onions, make sure they’re dry to help avoid freezer burn.  Slice them up, put them in a ziploc freezer bag and use within 6 months.

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