Our Favorite Camping Meals

We just spent a lovely weekend at the Grand Canyon.  We enjoyed the views, the hiking and the geologyGrand Canyon 2013 (85 of 86)

And in a couple months we’ve got a BIG trip coming up.  Not only are we moving this summer but we’re taking a month on the way to our new destination to tour the northwestern US.  Exciting?  YES!  Stressful?  Definitely!  As I’ve been coming up with some easy favorite meals and snacks for this upcoming trip, I thought I’d share with you in case you’re also looking for some ideas.

Although we try to have a more whole-foods, homemade diet; for me, camping is kind of a free pass.  I want to enjoy the trip and the extra family time.  I definitely don’t want to spend my time chopping, cooking, and cleaning up.  Especially on a long camping trip.  Therefore, you’ll notice that not every meal is the healthiest . . . please don’t judge 🙂

*Note* We have a fridge/freezer and a propane stove to help with food storage and cooking.

BreakfastCut Watermelon and Canteloupe

  • Yogurt and granola
  • Bacon and eggs (if my husband is lucky, some hashbrowns)
  • Pancakes (yes, from a mix – preferably with the Shake n Pour for ease!)
  • Cereal (sometimes we like to get the variety cereal packs as a fun treat for everyone)
  • Oatmeal (we love old-fashioned with dried fruit but sometimes Quaker Instant works great for a less-mess option)
  • Cut fruit like watermelon and canteloupe

SnacksHard-boiled eggs

  • Baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, cut cucumbers, cut broccoli and or/ peppers.
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • String cheese
  • Larabars (we like to try to make these homemade versions in advance and then freeze them for later enjoyment)
  • Yogurt-covered raisins
  • Trail Mix
  • Crackers (goldfish, Cheez-its, pretzels, etc.)
  • Go-Gurt
  • Applesauce or Fruit cups
  • Edamame
  • Oranges, Apples, Grapes, etc.
  • Cheese and Ritz Crackers


  • Spaghetti with a side of green beans or salad
  • Velveeta Mac n Cheese with hot dogs and broccoli (this one is HUGE with my little men)
  • Lumpia and Rice (extras that had been made and kept in the freezer until needed for an easy meal!)
  • Quesadillas and salad
  • Sandwiches (roast beef, turkey, pb&j, pb&honey, tuna salad, etc.), fruit, and chips/crackers
  • Zatarain’s Cheesy Jambalaya with smoked sausage
  • Grilled Cheese and soup (yes, we’re cliche . . . we love tomato)
  • Hamburgers, potato salad, baked beans
  • Hot dogs/Brats, ditto, ditto
  • Foil Packet Dinners for campfire (so many possibilities!  Veggies: potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, celery, corn, green onions, green beans.  Meat: Chicken, Steak, or Ground Beef with above veggies)
  • Hummus Wraps

This list is by no means conclusive at all.  As I think of other meals, I’ll make sure and add them to the lists.  If you’ve got any of your family’s favorites, I’d love to include them too!

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