Heading to Florida

We’re moving!

There’s my official announcement – we’ll be moving this summer from the Californian high desert to the subtropical panhandle of Florida.  There are going to be so many things we’ll miss here in Joshua Tree:

  • First off – my friends.  Two years is just about the right amount of time to create deep lasting friendships before tearing away to new locations.  We’ve met some amazing people during our time here and it will be painful to leave them.
  • The open vistas of all the mountain (big hill?) ranges that surround us.  This desert area has a harsh and wild beauty that really grows on you.  We’ll miss our amazing sunset views from our house here.Our view at sunset
  • The National Park.  We live rather close to one of the Joshua Tree National Park entrances and have loved heading over for fun family hikes.Joshua Tree NP at sunset
  • No bugs!  Yes, there really are bugs but not the kind that really bother you.  I’m dreading entering the land of mosquitos again.

    Mosquito biting
    I HATE these things as much as they LOVE me!

What are we looking forward to?

  • GREEN!!!  Grass, tall trees, bushes that don’t reach out and bite you, shade, etc.

    blackwater river image
    photo courtesy of http://www.floridaadventuring.com
  • Being much, much closer to friends and family in the midwest and east coast.  We’ve missed you all so much!
  • Gardening – just as I have learned to keep some plants alive out here in the desert, we’ll be heading to a place where water frequently just falls from the sky.  What??!!  I know!  Free water to create lush plants without the drudgery and disappointment I’ve been used to – awesome.
  • Chickens!  I’ve decided to just go ahead and start a small little flock once we get settled in.  More on that soon . . .

    chick and eggs
    photo courtesy of http://blog.farmmade.com/
  • Did I mention how stoked we are to have grass again?

However, as much as we are looking forward to this next step, the stress of an upcoming move is beginning to loom over me.  I’ve never moved a business before and it’s just amazing how much stuff we seem to have accumulated the last couple years overall.  We have decided not to DITY move (for those of you not used to military acronyms that’s: Do IT Yourself) and will have movers again for the first time in the last 3 moves.  Yay!  Even with this extra help, please be patient with me as these posts become a little wider spaced and more erratic.  Don’t worry – I’ll be back in full force once we get settled in later in the summer!

P.S.  Fun little fact:  This will be our 10th move in 9 years of marriage.  Sounds fun, huh?  🙂

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