Disney Tips: It’s Just Another Hike

Disney Tips for the hiking family
Hanging out with my boys and ready to start the day!

We got to take our boys to Disneyland last week!

This was on our To Do list before leaving Southern California and I’m so glad we were finally able to get there.  I think Disney is at its most magical during these young years and it was wonderful to get to experience it through their eyes!

I’m a planner so I hopped online to read all the “Disney Tips” that I could before our trip.  My husband and I are NOT crowd people.  We love heading outside and away from the usual tourist traps.  So believe me when I tell you that I read it all – the best time to go, what time to get to the park, staying at a hotel across the entrance, all about Fastpasses, etc.

And overall, I think it really helped us.  The park wasn’t especially empty but we never had to wait in line for an unbearable length of time.  I definitely recommend reading up about how to use Fastpasses – those made our trip so much easier!

I realized that while there were many great ideas out there – I have a few more to add:

  • If you can get away without bringing a stroller – DON’T BRING IT!  With the boys being 4 & 7,  it’s definitely liberating to leave the extra wheels behind.
  • Get your kiddos used to walking a lot before heading to the parks.  Go on some long family hikes.  Extra points if you hike them on rocky/sandy trails.  Excellent training ground is hiking up the Amboy Crater in Amboy, CA. 🙂
  • Wear a camelbak.  This was one of our best ideas.  Both my husband and I brought our camelbak packs that we normally hike with.  Not only were we able to stash all of our stuff in them (snacks, sunscreen and jackets) but the best part is that we had plenty of water available.  And our hands were free.  Of course, you have to either be okay sharing a mouthpiece with a child or you get really good at squirting water into their mouth . . . hmm.  They’re also very easy to sling off and put between your legs on the rides.
  • Wear pants with plenty of zippered pockets.  Again, I love my hiking pants.  They’re rugged, quick-drying, comfortable and have a ton of little places to keep easy-to-lose items.  I was able to keep all of our fastpasses, money, park passes and the map safe and at hand.  Forget about making your whole party wear lanyards!

We ended up having a wonderful time making fun memories with our boys – crowds of people or not.  I think the key is to plan for your trip but stay flexible and don’t stress.  They won’t remember riding every single ride in the park but they definitely will remember the laughter and fun they shared with you.Disney California Adventure (25 of 57)

Was there anything that you did that turned out to be a great decision?  Anything you’ll never do again?

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