Birthday Ideas for Little Boys

We had a blast celebrating our boys’ birthdays with a double birthday party on Saturday.  This was Thing #1’s 7th and Thing #2’s 4th birthdays.    Because of our upcoming move, we made things REALLY easy for ourselves and ordered a bounce house (with a slide and pool) and a bunch of pizzas.  This was definitely our easiest party and still a lot of fun.  The kids all wore themselves out by spending the day jumping, laughing, sliding and splashing.

Although I love the idea of simple parties, somehow, I tend to get myself excited about all sorts of fun birthday ideas.  One thing I especially love to do is to make a fun cake.  Here’s my disclaimer – I’m not very good at it!  Although I picture pristine fondant and straight sides in my head, alas, my kids will probably always get lumpy, slant-y cakes.  I’ve made my peace with that fact and am even willing to share some pictures with you.  Just don’t judge my lack of skills too harshly.  

As I was reminiscing over past birthdays we’ve enjoyed, I thought I’d share some of the “little boy themes” we’ve done.



No theme but lots of fun!  The boys did ask for a space cake this year so this was what I was able to come up with:.

Solar System Cake

The boys had a ball helping me paint these planets.  Originally, I thought we’d have them sticking off the cake with black skewers but the planets were just too heavy.  They were made from gum paste and marzipan (I didn’t have enough of either).  I preferred working with the marzipan.

Solar system cake



Thing #1 LOVES horses and so we went West for his birthday with cowboy hats, bandanas, a weenie roast and even a HORSE cake.  I still can’t believe I took up the challenge of a horse cake when my son specifically asked for one.  I have to thank my Dad for staying up with me until midnight and helping with the many artistic and logistic challenges of this cake.

Bandanas and Cowboy hats

The bandanas and Cowboy hats were our party favors for guests to wear and take home.  I serged the edges of neat cowboy fabric to make the bandanas and the cowboy hats are from  You can find some unique treats there for very little cost.

Cake for Western Birthday

This poor horse was a little disproportional.  I had his shoulders and rump in the freezer and they shrunk down quite a bit.    We used shoestring potato chips to create the hay.

Pinata for western partyWe made a star piñata to mimic a sheriff’s badge.

Weenie Roast for Birthday

Circle up some hay bales and blankets for an easy help yourself weenie roast!



Classic cars are another love in this house.  I convinced the 5-year-old to accept a white-wall tire cake instead of having to carve a 1957 Chevy Bel Air out of cake.  I know my limits!  We had some games, cranked up the Golden Oldies, and had a fun time.

Decorating with classic postcards

I lined boxes with aluminum foil and decorated them with classic postcards for our finger foods.

Classic Car variation of Pin-the-tail on the Donkey

We played Pin-the-Whitewalled-Tire-on-the-’57-Chevy.  This was lots of fun!

Classic car birthday activity

These ceramic cars were a great deal at and all the kids loved getting to paint them.

Whitewall Tire Cake

I thought this would be an easy cake but I have to admit, it’s not my best one – but it sure made my little guy happy!



When we lived in San Diego, we spent many Saturday mornings at the Old Poway Train Park.  Not only is it a beautiful park but they run an old steam engine around it on weekends for rides.  If you are ever in the area – I highly recommend a visit to this wonderful little park!  It was only natural to throw a train birthday party there – complete with a train cake.

Train Cake

Front of train cake

Steam Engine at Poway



One of my favorite cakes I’ve made is this dump truck.  The only bummer was that when I went to pick up some regular size chocolate donuts at the store (on the day of the birthday, of course) they were out.  I had to use the mini size for tires- ugh.

Dump Truck Birthday Cake for Boy

Back of Dump Truck Cake

Blue and Orange Dump Truck Cake

Here’s the cut view showing 2 out of 3 different flavors.  Confetti, Vanilla and then Chocolate in the back.

Have you had some favorite birthday themes for your little guy?  Let me know!

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