To My Dad

I found a hilarious card to give my Dad for Father’s Day this year.  It’s a photo of a little girl mid-faceplant on a slip ‘n’ slide with her dad standing behind her.  You assume he’s just given her a little “help” that didn’t end up helping so much.  It says “Thanks Dad for always pushing me to go farther.”

I love that card not only for it’s hilarious picture but for just how appropriate it is in so many ways.

My dad always took the time to show me how to do things.
My dad has always taken the time to show me how to do things.

My father is the reason that I am the driven and creative person that I am today.  It’s always been a family joke that my personality takes after him – “Yep, she’s definitely a Griffin!”.  We’re a talkative, people-oriented bunch who have a creative streak that is only tempered by our perfectionist tendencies.

From the time I was a little girl, Dad nurtured my interest in art.  Sketch books, artist’s pencils, how-to kits, an architectural stamp set (which I still have and am enjoying with my boys!), and just sitting down with me to work on a myriad of projects.  He was always there to encourage, to teach, to include me, and to take pride in even the most inconsequential “works of art”.  I will always cherish this about him.

And then there’s the memories I have of being frustrated because Dad would have me redo a project that I considered “finished”.  I’d come to him all smiles and SO proud of myself for my –ahem– artistic genius and get so angry when he’d tell me that I could do better.  Sounds kind of mean, right?  Man, I sure thought so . . . but you know what?

He was RIGHT and he was teaching me something important.  Perseverance.  It’s not an easy lesson to learn and I’m guessing it wasn’t an easy lesson to teach – especially to a sensitive pre-teen and teenager.

He taught me to always do my best.  He taught me to follow through on a project not only until it’s “good enough” but until it’s right.  He taught me to go further than I thought I could.  Today, I have confidence in myself, my skills, and my dreams because of my dad.

Dad, you’ve given me:

Drive, Passion, Confidence, Perseverance, A Little OCD, and Years of Unconditional Love and Support

“Thanks Dad, for always pushing me to go farther.”

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