Goodbye Joshua Tree . . .

Joshua Tree NP

. . . I’m surprised to say, “I’ll Miss You!”

The day has finally come that we are leaving the desert for good.  I have counted down the months when we could leave this parched, brown place and head to greener pastures.  With the intense summer heat rearing its head, I’m glad to flee towards some milder temperatures but this excitement is now tempered with much regret.

What an amazing community we’ve settled into!  We’ve made lasting friendships, enjoyed a richly diverse culture, and have fallen in love with this oddly beautiful place.

When we first came to Joshua Tree to house hunt, it was noontime in July.  The light was glaringly harsh and the small town looked a bit ragged.  Everything seemed dead and even most of the plants were brown.  I shed a few tears as I miserably contemplated how to get through the next two years in this foreign place.

As we drive away, here’s what I see now:  Beautiful evenings with some of the most amazing sunsets you’ll ever experience.  A fun and quirky little downtown.  Uniquely pretty desert landscapes hemmed in by rocky little mountains/hills.  An area rich in art and music.  And most of all, the people.  The diverse and interesting people we’ve gotten to know and will hold dear in our hearts.  Just as I cried coming in, I’m a little weepy on the way out.Joshua Tree Sunset

If you’re coming in to the Joshua Tree area, here’s a list of a few of our favorite local stops:

  • Crossroads Cafe – great food in a really cool restaurant.  My boys love the stuffed bobcat perched on the wall.
  • Joshua Tree Health Foods – you can find so many natural food items here.  My favorite part is the back wall of bulk spices.  The ladies that work here are absolutely wonderful and willing to help you find anything.
  • The Joshua Tree Philharmonic – yes, that’s right . . . there’s an ORCHESTRA here in the middle of the desert!!!  I consider myself blessed to have been a part of this fantastic community orchestra for the past 2 years.  If you play an instrument and are looking for a great experience – check out the J-Phil!  If you just want to hear some amazing music and get to see a great show – check out the J-Phil!  They usually have a summer concert in May or June and a winter concert in December.
  • Natural Sisters Cafe – a vegan cafe that is delicious even if you’re not vegan!  I’ve always loved everything I’ve tried.  The muffins are my favorite.
  • Joshua Tree National Park – I know you’ve heard how much we love this national park before but it really is amazing.  There are so many different areas with their own unique landscaping.  It’s a great place to camp and explore.  We’re really going to miss this.
  • Pie for the People – New York-style pizza in Joshua Tree.  Super yummy with lots of fantastic pizzas on the menu.
  • Saturday morning JT Farmer’s Market – delicious produce year-round!

Well, I think it’s time I stop gushing.  I’m going to leave you with some photos of this unique little town.

Goodbye Joshua Tree.  You’ve left quite an impression on me – I think I’ll have to come back someday for a visit.


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