Hello Florida!

What a summer!

We’ve finally reached the end of our cross-country move about 6 weeks after it started.  We travelled through 16 states and saw quite a bit of our beautiful country.  We love our new house and it’s starting to feel like home.  We’ve definitely had many uplifting moments on this trip and move.

Not so uplifting?  The movers delivered our furniture a week late and missing a couple of items.  Ah well, nothing too atypical or tragic.  We’ve just gotten our house (mostly) set up and I’ve finally got some down time to write again.

I’ve got some new posts coming up soon but since it’s late – I’ll leave you with just this little “Hello”.

It’s great to be home.

Photo courtesy of: www.flickriver.com
Photo courtesy of: http://www.flickriver.com


    1. We are in Stockton,MO and have a new library card to the Stockton Library, so I can keep up with all the news. Glad you guys made it without mishaps! We are anxious to come to Florida and see your new place.

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