Turning Lemons into . . . Sandcastles

It’s easy to miss the silver lining.

Especially when you’re frantically going from one appointment to the next, the kids are hungry (an hour after breakfast), and you seem to hit every red light on the road.

We had one of those mornings yesterday.  It all started out so well but things quickly unravelled.  Thing #2 had a doctor’s appointment at 8:30am.  We arrived early only to find out that not only we were in the wrong building – we were on the completely wrong base.  The appointment line had neglected to inform us that for this type of appointment, you have to go down to NAS Pensacola.  Not where we’d originally been seen.  Ugh!  Not only was the situation embarrassing and stressful but we’d now miss our appointment because we were 40 minutes away from where we were supposed to be.

The staff at our home base’s medical clinic was absolutely wonderful and they quickly called and worked us in to a new appointment as long as we could get there in the next hour or so.

And here’s where I made a choice.  I was pretty frustrated about what was shaping up to be a waste of a day and my first instinct was to be angry at the world in general.  But really, that’s so unfair to the two boys who were also going to be stuck in a car all morning too.  Usually, things only spiral downhill faster once Mom loses her cool, right?

So, we ran back to the car and made a pit stop back at our house on the way and got our BEACH STUFF!  Yes!  We were going to salvage this situation!  We quickly threw our swim things, a blanket and some food in the car and rushed on to Pensacola to get that doctor’s appointment.  Once done, we made the short trip over to the beach and had ourselves a fantastic lunch and play time at the ocean.  It was wonderful.  As we headed home (to finish up our school day), I felt like I had successfully accomplished being “Super Mom” for the morning.  The boys were happy.  I was happy.  Awesome.


In the midst of my self-congratulating for saving the day, I realized something.  More bad days should end up like this!  Why is it so hard for me to see the positive outcomes when a negative situation comes my way?  Why am I so willing to give in to frustration and anger instead of seeing the opportunities that are presented?  As parents, it seems like we’re constantly trying to teach our children to act positively instead of complaining and whining about something they don’t like.  Yesterday was my own little reminder that I need to take a hard look at my everyday actions.

Am I setting a positive example?

Are you?

  1. Love your story Emily. We’ve all had those kind of days, but you handled it well. Looks like the boys are in heaven.

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