Hand Up or Hand Out?

Photo courtesy of: http://eofdreams.com/hand.html
Photo courtesy of: http://eofdreams.com

When did we start teaching our children to beg?

Fundraisers are fine.  Overpriced?  Yes but most of us don’t mind helping out kids schools, teams, etc.  And really, who doesn’t love a giant tub of cookie dough?  In fact, I should have a tub of triple chocolate cookie dough coming my way in a couple of weeks.  Yum!

I also like when the Boy Scouts are selling their delicious popcorn in front of the supermarket.  I’ve got a soft spot for their caramel corn and when I can help out a troop AND get my sugar fix – I’m all in.

But I was a little floored today, when I came walking up to Sam’s Club and there were some pre-teen cheerleaders standing out front and holding buckets.  All they said was, “Such and Such Cheerleading!”  And then the buckets were thrust in our faces for us to empty our wallets into.

No fundraising products to sell.

No car washes given.

No pretense of working for their funds.

Just flat-out begging.

Am I just being irritable or do you think that we should be teaching our children to work for their earnings?

  1. It sounds like several teenagers who think this idea of fundraising would be fun; however, if they had consulted an adult, they probably would not have ben coached to beg. I would have written them off as silly teenagers because I know when I was 16 years old, I pretty much knew everything, so I would I ask my parents? Having said that, if I had the same experience, I know I would have been annoyed; just like you.

  2. Aurora, your comment also got me to thinking about the Salvation Army charity drive that goes throughout the holidays. Those have never bothered me. I think you’re right that because they are doing it for others who are in need and not for a private group, people feel good about donating to their cause. Good point!

    Janet, I don’t mind coin collection jars because it’s not thrown in your face and demanding that you care! People can feel free to ignore them or not without the high-pressure begging. There was just something about the kids standing there with their buckets out that really felt like entitled begging to me. All they were missing was a street corner and shabby clothes! PS. I miss you too. I’ve been thinking of you all with the Harvest Fest coming up soon!

  3. Hmmm… I am guilty of leaving one for books coin collection boxes (for the book fair) at local stores – without even a KID attached. Just a simple box, begging for loose change to help buy books. So, I am not sure if I can comment. 🙂 MISS YOU, though. Can comment on THAT!

  4. I can remember both kinds of fundraisers back when I was a kid, the candy bar sales, or Christmas ornament sales were mostly school fundraisers, and it was hard to sell anything when everyone else in your entire school, if not city wide was selling the same thing, the same time you were.

    The standing outside a store with a can usually happened when we were playing sports in the summer, it however wasn’t to raise money just for our team, but to raise money for the entire youth baseball and softball league. That fundraiser was limited to only one weekend out of every summer, and it helped to pay for the part of the expenses the program needed that wasn’t covered in the parks department budget, (so they could keep the cost of playing low enough that most families in town could afford it) Nowadays I don’t think they hold those fundraisers, but the program is instead funded by proceeds made from weekend bingo games.

    If we wanted to do a fundraiser to benefit our specific team, we of course usually went the car wash route. It was a lot more fun on hot summer days than standing around with bucket ever would have been anyway, our parents wouldn’t have let us go that route anyway. It was usually the boys travelling teams that did the pass the bucket thing, not only at stores, but even at the games sometimes, but then again the boys teams always did get the lion’s share of the funding, and the nicer fields and equipment anyway.

    I’m not sure if things are different now as I’ve long since grown up, and so have my older children. I don’t see much issue with asking for change if it’s for a cause that benefits a charity, or a community service organization, but I don’t think people should be doing it if the money is going to benefit them directly. I do think our parents and coaches were spot on in that respect even now.

  5. There is a new trend in the roller derby community to have KickStarter campaigns to pay for road trips and out of town tournaments and whatnot. It’s a DIY sport, so it’s pretty expensive, but in my league, we work our butts off for any money we earn, and it’s infuriating when people are trying to raise money for things that are optional and/or hobbies without putting in any work.

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