Flour Sifter for KoMo Grain Mill

You know how much I love my grain mill, right?  In case you don’t, you can check it out here.

That was my birthday present last year.  For my birthday this year, Fly Guy got me the flour sifter that attaches to the mill.  YAY!KoMo grain mill sifter

As much as I love whole wheat flour, I’ve found that I just CAN’T use it in everything!  Cookies, cakes, and pie crusts just aren’t the same when you use whole wheat as opposed to all-purpose flour.  So, although, I’ve been super happy with our grain mill, I was wondering if there was a way to get a lighter flour from it.  Apparently, the best way is to sift the bran from the flour.  It’s not exactly like all-purpose flour but it’s a much softer, lighter flour.  I’ve been wanting this sifter because it makes quick work of sifting large amounts of whole grain flour.Flour Sifter-3

The final conclusion:


This sifts flour at an incredible speed.  It’s so quick and easy and gives me a much softer flour.  The only negative that I’ve found is that for “almost all-purpose” quality, I’ve got to sift one batch of flour twice.  Flour Sifter-2

What to do with the leftover bran?  That’s the part with a lot of vitamins and fiber so it’s good to try to fit it back into your diet.  You can sprinkle it into cereal, on yogurt, make bran muffins or logan bread, etc.Bran sifted from flour

  1. I just used mine for the first time. I have not made bread with it, but I love my flour almost like all-purpose, so I have been sing the Jovial. I will try your suggestion to do it twice. Do you have to use the finest mesh screen?

  2. Hi Emily!!
    Thanks for the post. I love my KOMO grain mill, but sometimes you need a lighter flour, like AP flour. I have been using Einkorn wheat for bread, muffins, etc. How messy is it to clean up, and also, how difficult is it to attach. Thanks for the post

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