Healing Oils

I guess it was finally our turn to get sick.


It seems like everyone around us has been down with something or other and this week it was our turn.  It started with Thing #1 spiking a high fever.  About the time he was throwing up, Thing #2 started sneezing and coughing non-stop.  By day 2, I began to feel that familiar ache creeping up my back and I knew I’d been hit too.

My typical routine is to load up on ibuprofen and to take a 1/2 dose of Nyquil before bed.  The kids get the usual rotation of Tylenol and Children’s Motrin too.

This time was different.  I’ve been hearing a bit about the company Young Living Oils and a lot of my friends had been posting positive testimonials on Facebook about using the essential oils.  Now, this ISN’T going to be a post about the Young Living company because I was a tad horrified when I looked them up and saw the prices that they are charging for the small amounts of essential oils.

But what was brought to mind was my desire to try and heal my family more naturally.  Herbal medicine has been on the back burner for longer than I meant for it to be, so . . . . hearing my friends’ positive reviews of using essential oils to treat ailments reminded me to try them for ourselves when we all started getting sick.

Courtesy of arealfoodlover.wordpress.com
Courtesy of www.arealfoodlover.wordpress.com

One of the perks to being a soap-maker is that I have a large supply of essential oils and carrier oils on hand.  I decided to mix up some healing treatments from what I had on hand to try and see if there was any visible healing for us.  (Just in case you’re wondering – I like to buy from Mountain Rose Herbs for quality organic essential oils.  They have tested to be just as pure in quality and strength as Young Living and doTerra but are a fraction of the cost.  I recommend them for both oils and their quality herbs!)


I have to say – I’m a believer!

Here’s how I treated our flu/cold symptoms:

I made a blend of oils to mimic Thieves oil.  This oil recipe is purported to come from the 15th century during the Black Plague.  The thieves who wanted to loot the plague victims wore a concoction of certain herbs to keep from getting infected.  This blend is a powerhouse of essential oils that are highly anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-septic.  Not only is it good for supporting your immune system and protecting you from getting sick, but it can help boost your immune system if you’ve already gotten sick.  It’s also great to put into your natural household cleaners or to diffuse it throughout your house to fight germs!  With this in mind, I mixed up the recipe:


“Robber Oil Anti-Everything Blend”

40 drops Clove oil

35 drops Lemon oil

20 drops Cinnamon oil

15 drops Eucalyptus oil

12 drops Rosemary oil

~1-2 Tbs Sweet Almond oil (or whichever carrier oil you prefer)

I rubbed this blend into my boys’ and my feet many times during the first day and have continued doing it.  Just whenever I’ve thought of it.  The boys got a HUGE kick out of taking this medicine!  Not only does it smell pretty good, but there’s a foot rub involved too!  Why on the soles of our feet?  The skin has larger pores there to absorb the oils and is also less sensitive to possible irritants.

Courtesy of www.redbookmag.com
Courtesy of http://www.redbookmag.com

While I can’t tell you that we were miraculously healed after one dose, I can say that by Day 3, we are almost back to normal.  Day 3.  We NEVER get over illnesses that fast!  Thing #2 is usually a little snot-faucet for a good week or two and I usually get hit the hardest after the boys go through it.  Although I felt the beginnings of something bad, my symptoms never got worse (besides feeling some minor fatigue today) and I feel much better.  Thing #2’s runny nose is almost gone.  Thing #1’s nausea and fever are completely gone.


To treat my oldest’s high fever spikes, I applied Peppermint essential oil mixed with Sweet Almond oil to the bottom of his feet every 10 minutes for 1/2 an hour.

This is the one that impressed me the most.  I didn’t want him to suffer, so although I started with the peppermint oil, I had the Motrin waiting in the wings in case there wasn’t any improvement after 15-20 minutes.  After the first application, he stopped tossing and turning in restless napping to sitting up and bossing his little brother around.  What shocked me was how fast this change occurred.  Within 5 minutes.  Yeah, that’s at least 10-15 minutes faster than I’ve ever seen with pharmaceuticals.  Within 10 minutes, he was down on the floor racing cars along with Thing #2.  Even my not-quite-believing husband was visibly impressed by the rapid improvement.

Aches and Pains

Fever is often accompanied by aches and such was the case for Thing #1.  He had a recurring headache. A mixture of:

lavender_mint10 drops Lavender oil

5 drops Peppermint oil

20 drops Sweet Almond oil

applied directly to his temples gave him almost instant relief.  I hate headaches but I’m almost wishing for one to come on so I can test this out on myself.

After seeing the amazing job these oils did for us, I’m very interested to learn more.  I’ll be posting as I learn about some of these essential oils and herbs, and how they can help us live healthier lives.


**NOTE**  Just so you know, I was a little skeptical about all this going in.  I had only thought of aromatherapy as a way to change your mood just by sniffing certain scents.  I had no idea that it really uses the potent chemical compounds that naturally occur in herbs and spices to physically heal.  Let me just say, these essential oils can actually be quite powerful drugs and should be used with a lot of caution.  I don’t believe that you should ingest them without being under the direction of a qualified aromatherapist.  After working with essential oils in soap-making, I also believe that they can be very harsh on skin unless diluted with a carrier oil (such as sweet almond, coconut, jojoba, etc.).  Lavender and Tea Tree oil are two that oils that can be applied “neat” or without dilution.

  1. I have ordered the ingredients for the Thieves Oil. Also ordered some tea tree oil and the headache remedy. Can’t wait to try it! I get headaches almost daily, so am looking forward to trying this natural remedy.

  2. Sorry you were feeling sick, but it seems like you found a great remedy! Can’t wait to try it myself…well,.except without the getting sick part!

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