A Family In Need

Hello there!  Wondering where I’ve been?  Well, we had yet another road trip across the US from Florida to Colorado and back for an early spring break!  We got in some skiing, saw my brand new little nephew, and had some wonderful family time with my husband’s family.  I meant to post a few pictures as our trip went but then I got some tragic news and I’ve spent the whole time thinking about how I was going to write this post instead.

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know that I’m a military wife.  Military spouses are fairly independent, highly social, adaptable, entrepreneurs, and create close-knit bonds in short amounts of time.  When your husband or wife is gone a lot and you’re dropped into a new location every couple of years, you learn to find close friends pretty quickly.  Each of the many women I’ve been honored to call “friend” over the last 10 years in the military is an astounding person who has blessed my life in so many ways.  Out of these, there are several extra-special ones who I love as a sister and I look up to for their kindness, the way they live their lives, their abilities and their plain ol’ awesomeness.

Sarah is one of those.  Let me tell you about her family.


Sarah and I met when we both arrived at our husbands’ squadron hugely pregnant with little boys.  She was just two weeks ahead of me and we bonded over pregnancy, babies, and a more natural lifestyle.  We had so many of the same interests and enjoyed sitting together and talking as our little boys both grew and began playing together.  As often happens, we ended up moving away and here we are several years later.  Sarah and her husband, Reid, wanted a big family and had planned to have the kiddos close in age.  Now, five years after the first little one, Sarah just gave birth to their fourth baby 6 weeks ago.

We were devastated to learn last week that Reid was involved in a plane crash and did not survive.  As our little community is reeling from the heartbreak of this, we are doing everything in our power to support our dear friend, Sarah, and her children.  This amazingly strong and graceful woman is having to endure one of the hardest things she should never have had to endure.  Reid was a great pilot and respected at his job but I saw him much more through Sarah’s eyes.  He was a very loving and involved husband and father.  He truly cherished his family.  As his funeral and memorial services are being held at this time and in the week ahead, I ask that you will remember Sarah and their beautiful young children in your prayers.  Also, for his parents and siblings as they too grieve for his loss.DSC04374

If you’re touched by this family and would like to help them, there’s a donation fund that has been opened for Reid and Sarah’s children.  You can reach it here for Captain Reid Nannen Memorial Children’s Fund.IMG_0368

Because my words seem so completely inadequate, I’m adding a few links to other articles about this fallen hero and his wonderful family:



Sarah is passionate about natural birth and helping others with theirs.  This is an article about her birth story that came out after Reid’s crash.

  1. What a terrible and sad thing for her and her children to go through. As a military spouse myself (18 years), I have attended far too many funerals for people I knew and it broke my heart every time. When my husband is away (which is ver often), I live in fear of getting a phone call or a knock on the door. I’m so sorry that she had to go through that. Thank you for sharing her story. I hope she and her children can find some peace.

  2. During a search for some homesteading blogs, I stumbled across your wonderful blog and began following. With hubby and I planning to start our own little homestead, I have been trying to learn as much as I can from others living a similar lifestyle. But tonight I was expecting to have your blog post hit so close to home. My husband and I got married during his final year in the Army, so I do understand the bond that military wives build with each other, so I was deeply touched and saddened to hear of the death of your dear friend’s husband. As I got to the bottom of the post and clicked on the first link my heart sank even more. Reid grew up 5 miles from where we live. For a matter-of-fact, about 30 minutes ago, I drove thru that small town on my way home. He attended the high school I attended and is the same age as my son, who I just realized probably knew him from high school.

    I am so very sorry to hear of these families tragic loss. The communities in this area are very, very small and I know many here are also mourning Reid’s loss. My thoughts are with this family.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Deb. You know it’s very possible for this kind of tragedy to hit when you’re involved with the military but you just don’t seem to think it’s going to happen to you or your friends. I’m sure you understand.

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