Dehydrating Strawberries

Dehydrating fruit not only helps it keep longer but can be a really tasty snack.  I went on a little dehydrating spree the other day and thought I’d share with you.

StrawberriesDehydrating Fruit-8

We got some strawberries on sale that had to be used immediately.  I love baking with small dried strawberries so instead of slicing them, I went ahead and cut them into smaller chunks.  These shrink down quite a bit when they’re dried so don’t worry about getting them too small.


Hull strawberries and cut lengthwise into slices or chunks about 1/4″ thick.  Place on mesh drying trays.  I like to use the “Clean-A-Screen” flexible liners on the trays with strawberries for easier removal.

Dehydrating Fruit-9
I have the Nesco 1040 dehydrator. It has worked great for several years and I’ve been very pleased with it!

Drying Time and Temperature:

8-16 hours

I usually just dry things overnight.  By morning, they’re done.  The pieces should feel dry, leathery, and slightly flexible.

Dehydrating Fruit-15
Sorry this picture is a bit blurry – I didn’t notice until it got blown up so large. You get the idea, though.

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