Baby Quilt for My Sweet Little Nephew

Our family welcomed a brand new little guy at the end of February and I finally get to be an AUNT!! I’m so excited!  He’s a cute little peanut and we were so excited to get to travel and meet him when he was only a couple of weeks old.  The boys and I decided to make our little man a baby quilt to snuggle with as he grows.  My oldest is such a guy’s guy with his love of classic cars, planes, and dirt but he’s definitely got some of his momma’s artistic side.  He and #2 did a great job picking out fabrics and even did a little sewing!  IMG_5076

I had the honor to take new baby pictures of this sweet family and thought I’d share some of the cuteness:

Rico Family Pictures-4

Rico Family Pictures-72
Big “brother” Moose keeps careful watch over his new baby.
Rico Family Pictures-109
This is my very favorite photo of their shoot. This moment between a mother and her baby brings back everything I loved about holding my own.

  1. That is SO gorgeous! (the quilt I mean, although your nephew is adorable too!) I am practicing my first quilt today, because I have my first nephew being born in August, and I really want to make something special for his arrival. Congrats on being an aunt!

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