Peep, Peep, Peep!

Guess what showed up at our house yesterday?

Buff Orpington chick


Three baby chicks are hanging out here with us and will hopefully be joining our three big girls out in the backyard in a few months!

I had originally planned on getting another buff orpington and 2 americaunas but ended up changing my mind on the americaunas. I love getting those blue/green eggs but our first americaunas have been a little less friendly and I wanted to try another beautiful friendly breed.

The silver-laced wyandotte!Silver Laced Wyandotte chick

Everything I have read about the wyandotte seems to be what we’re looking for as an addition to our little flock.  They’re supposed to be friendly, beautiful birds that are great layers.  I’m slightly concerned because they’re considered a bit dominant towards other birds but Frank will probably sort that nonsense out right away.  I’ve never integrated young chicks in with older birds before but there’s still plenty of time before we have to worry about that.

Here’s what they should look like once they’re full-grown:

Silver Laced Wyandotte Chicken
Image courtesy of My Pet Chicken at:

Gorgeous, huh?  Unfortunately, out of the 2 wyandotte pullets that we got, one is quite tiny and seems to be very weak.  She’s made it through the night but she worries me.  She’s still rather weak and isn’t moving much at all.  In fact, although the other 2 have been named, I warned the boys about the frailty of some chicks and told them we might want to name her after a few days.  Hopefully she pulls through!  I struggle with death of any kind but especially with cute fuzzy little baby things.  This homesteading stuff is not for the faint of heart.

Here are the other two chicks, Sunny and Dottie:Chicks 2014-12

They’re both quite lively and keep each other busy in their box.  So far, Sunny (the buff orp) is the biggest and looks a bit older than the wyandottes.  She’s been trying to establish herself at the top of the pecking order and can be a bit of a bully.  Maybe I shouldn’t be so worried about the wyandotte’s supposed dominance issues . . . but Dottie seems to handle her own quite well already.  Time will tell – it’s probably MUCH too soon to say about these things.  Buff Orpington chick and eggs

Silver-laced Wyandotte chick
This little one kind of has an “angry bird” look to her!

  1. I’m a few days behind on reading so hopefully all is well with your wyandotte chick now. The silver wyandottes chicks seem to be very fragile. They are easily susceptible to so many things and they are very slow to mature. On the flip side, once they make it to maturity, they seem to completely outgrow that fragility and become quite hardy. We lost 2 as chicks, the only chicks we have ever lost in four years of raising them, but the one that survived is our biggest bird now and is at the head of the pecking order after the oldest hens died this year. She is a sweet girl though, never a mean head hen, and is she ever the prettiest thing. Prettier even than the photo above. I’ve read of many folks losing silver wyandottes or having problems with them being so tiny. The year we bought ours the feed store told us later that almost all the chicks from that hatching died and so did many at another store. Good luck and I hope it all went and continues to go well with the chick.

  2. I am looking on with envy at pictures of new chicks. Before we can get some critters, we will have to build some housing for them. And before that we need to build some housing for ourselves. And, oh great……its snowing again.

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