Rhode Island Red Chick

Meet Lucy

Our poor little #3 ended up not making it.  The sweet little bird slowly got weaker and sicker as the 2nd day progressed and died Saturday afternoon.  Although I’d prepared myself for this, I was surprised to find how sad I was.  I think if I’d come in and the chick had suddenly just died it wouldn’t have been so sad.  What was hard was to see her suffering throughout the day and knowing there just was nothing more that I could do for her.  Poor baby.

After a couple of days, we visited our local feed store to see if there were any more chicks available.  Since there were no longer any silver-laced wyandotte or ameracauna pullets available, we decided to get a little Rhode Island Red chick.  The red coloring will look so nice in our backyard with our buffs, ameracauna and wyandotte and they are great layers.  My mom is visiting for a while and ended up naming this chick.    Since all of our other girls have ladies names, we were trying to think of one that would fit our little red chick.  Mom was reminded of that famous red-head, Lucille Ball, and suggested Lucy.

Lucy, it is.  And isn’t she cute?Rhode Island Red Chick

We made sure to choose a chick that seemed pretty active and healthy (in hopes to avoid another sad illness) and Lucy sure let us know how strong she was by jumping around and cheeping loudly and indignantly the entire ride home.

She was terrified of Sunny and Dottie when she joined them in the box.  She made sure she stayed away from them as much as she could for about 10 minutes.  After that, Sunny won her over with, what looked like, mothering behavior and the three have been hunkered down together as cozy as can be since then.

Week old chicks.

Buff Orp, Wyandotte, and Rhode Island Red Chicks
I saw that the feeders at the store had clear packing tape across the top and made sure to mimic that set-up when we got our chicks home. It’s a good thing too because there’s no game the chickies love more than “Queen of the Feeder”.


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