Chickies Go Outside!

Chickies Go Outside-2The little girls have gotten so big already and are ready to try new things.  During some of our warm afternoons, we’ve been taking them out to the front yard for some fun.  Even though their looks are a little unfortunate these days, we still think they’re pretty cute!


Chickies Go Outside-18
See Lucy’s pretty feathers coming in?

They seem to think they have two mommies.  When the wind blows too strongly or the dog gets a little too close and personal during her sniff checks, they head for either me (as it should be since I care for these messy things day and night) or my oldest son.  He’s become very caring with our animals and has even tamed Frank into allowing him to pick her up.  Chickies Go Outside-16


As hard as chicken photography is – baby chicks are SO MUCH HARDER!  They’re constantly moving and most of the time they were curious about my camera and ran at me every time I got at their level to snap some shots.  So there are lots of pictures like this:Chickies Go Outside-17

And this:

Chickies Go Outside-7


Or this:Chickies Go Outside-9


  1. An, the famous chicken backside shot. I have about 1000 of those, since they always seem to turn around just as the shutter goes down, silly birds.

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