Talkin’ School – Curriculum Week

How is it that we are counting down the days for summer break, but yet I find myself drawn to the school book catalogs for next year??!  Publishing companies are having spring sales, and I’m getting excited for all the new things we’re hoping to learn next year.

School Pics-6

As I look forward to first and third grade fun, I’m also looking back over this last year as we finish up kindergarten and second.  Starting next week, I’m going to post every day about the different subjects in our school curriculum and share what worked for us and what did not.  School Pics-3

I’d love it if any of you fellow homeschoolers want to weigh in on your favorite books and courses for each subject.  With this being our first year of schooling at home, I relied pretty heavily on other’s reviews when I decided on our curricula.  I thought I’d pass along the love and share some of our experiences for other new homeschooling families.  School Pics-5

If homeschooling isn’t your thing, just visit back after next week to see what else we’ve got going on here on our little “homestead”.

  1. Emily,

    I never seem to take the time to actually write on your blog posts… but I LOVE THEM!!! You inspire me in so many different ways and I truly look forward to reading it every time! THANK YOU!!! We, as you know, are HSing, too, and I love to hear what others have to say so I will definitely be listening in next week! We are just finishing up Kindergarten with Noah, too, so maybe we need to compare notes a little more for 1st! 😀

    I think of you often, and miss you friend! Thanks again for all of your work on this blog! SO FUN!!!

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