It’s A Jungle Out There! – Straw Bale Garden Part 2

  1. I am loving how our straw bale garden is doing so far this year. It’s not as advanced as yours as we have to plant later here, but it is still doing well.

  2. Hi Emily, I’ve been enjoying your website for a while now but I finally had to write to thank you for this post. I am a gardener but this year it’s been so difficult to bend over to plant and weed, due to a knee injury, (received while gardening) I am really going to try using straw or hay bales next year. Thanks again.

    1. I’m so glad to share our experiences Chris! I’m not the most experienced gardener but my mother (who gives me much direction and support) is. She’s the one who suggested this idea to me and it’s been pretty successful. I hope it works well for you with your knee injury! It’s so frustrating to be unable to enjoy your favorite hobbies. Best of luck!

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