I’m Loving Our Veggie Boxes!

orange edged logo...I had looked for a CSA for us to buy into for a long time.  In case you’re wondering, CSA stands for Consumer Supported Agriculture.  You usually buy “shares” in the farm and receive produce from the farm for a specified amount of time.  Usually 6 months to a year.  Unfortunately, in the desert, there just weren’t many local farmers who offered CSA shares.   So I put that plan on pause and began the search again when we moved to the Florida panhandle.

I was so excited when a friend told me about Off the Vine!!!  It’s a slightly different kind of CSA where you don’t buy in for a specific amount of time.  No commitment!  They list what they are going to offer every week and then I decide whether I want to get anything and, if so, I order for that week.  I love that they list exactly what organic produce will be in each week’s box so I can even meal plan and grocery shop around my fruit and veggie order.  You can choose different size boxes based on your family’s wants or needs.  So far, we’ve ended up buying just twice a month and each order can see us through 2 weeks.

If you think this sounds pretty awesome and you’re in the Florida panhandle, Alabama or even Georgia, head on over to www.offthevine.org and see if there’s a drop-off location near you!  My family and I have really been enjoying the abundant fruits and vegetables that come out of these boxes.

**These opinions are my own and I am not receiving any compensation for this post.  I’m just excited about these produce boxes and want to share!**

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