Coconut Cake

My first mistake was buying a coconut from the store.  I needed it as a prop for a photo shoot with my Toasted Coconut Soap.

Toasted Coconut Soap-5

Well, my eight year-old decided that we should definitely make something with it.  I put him off and put him off and . . . finally, I just gave in.

Really, I was feeling stressed from about five other things I was supposed to be doing so I decided to procrastinate with some baking and enjoy lots of carbs by making a coconut cake.  Coconut Cake

I’ve never tried getting out and shredding coconut meat from a coconut before so there might be a better way to do this but here’s what it took to get it all out:

Add to these tools a screwdriver and a grater.  This was WAY too much work!
And also a grater. This was WAY too much work!

I thought you might enjoy seeing this and picturing my frustration at that horrible little nut.  That said, the cake was amazing and worth all the other work.  I will probably just buy the shredded coconut next time though.  🙂

You can find the recipe for Fresh Coconut Cake at  Since I only had one coconut, I used dried coconut too.  Also, I didn’t make the syrup since my coconut didn’t have water inside of it.  I don’t think it made any difference at all.  Now that the cake has been eaten and I’m staring at these pictures – I think I’m beginning to drool a little. . . .


Coconut Cake

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