Ruffles or Rifles Reveal Party

Remember my sister-in-law, Bethany?  With the amazingly beautiful rustic wedding?

Well, she’s at it again with a Gender Reveal party for their first baby!

I’m beginning to feel a little old with my baby already being 5 1/2 and trying to leave baby-hood far behind him as he keeps up with his older brother.  Gender reveal parties weren’t even a thing (way back then) 6 years ago when we were finding out if we were having a boy or a girl.  So I’d like to offer an official “I’m sorry” to all my family because you all just got a phone call . . . there was no party with adorable cupcakes.

Following Bethany and Kameron’s design style with a rugged western but with a little feminine flair, they titled their party “Ruffles or Rifles”.  They had their ultrasound appointment earlier that day and the ultrasound technician was awesome about working with them to keep them from seeing any “telling” angles.  She put the verdict and a couple of ultrasound pictures that showed the sex of the baby into sealed envelopes.  The pictures went with the parents-to-be and the written “Boy or Girl” to the bakery so they could fill cupcakes with either blue or pink filling frosting.  Half the cupcakes were decorated on top with ruffles and half of the cupcakes were topped with hand-drawn rifles.  Beth and Kam both bit into their cupcakes at the same time to find out that . . . IT’S A GIRL!!!!

I’m so very excited to meet my new little niece in a few months.  Believe me, I love my boys and nephew but I’m ready to get to enjoy some girlie things with this new little one.

Like dresses.

And breaking out my vintage Barbie collection again.

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