Thanksgiving Thoughts . . . Over a Week Late

Turkey Rolls!
Here’s our batch of turkey rolls for Thanksgiving dinner. Sweet, buttery and shaped like turkeys! (Or snails, as my 5 yr old pointed out.)

Well, I had a little Thanksgiving post ready to go and then got busy over the Thanksgiving week and didn’t get it out.  I hope you all had a wonderful time with your family and friends.  We stayed here in FL this Thanksgiving and enjoyed a nice holiday dinner at a friend’s house.  I’ve hosted or we’ve camped the last few years and I realized this year how relaxing this holiday can be when you’re not hosting at your house! All I had to bring were the rolls and a side salad.  And that’s it!  Even though Thanksgiving has come and gone, I’m trying to remember to be continually grateful for the blessings in my life.  So here’s what I’m thankful for this Dec 6th:

  • A stress-free Thanksgiving this year as I prepared to head home to Missouri for the month of December.
  • My guys.  My husband is incredibly supportive of all my endeavors.  My boys have been joys in school and out.  They keep my days busy, light and interesting.
  • Our family.  Fly Guy and I are both blessed with caring, loving families.  We are excited to get to spend a few weeks back home with all of them.
  • My friends.  Each one continually enriches my life and helps to keep me sane and laughing.  I am so thankful for you special people in my life!

Ok, I’ll save you from having to read a long list so I’ll wrap it up there but in case you were wondering, here’s what else has gone on this month:

I’ll start with the sad news first.  We lost another chicken to a hawk a couple of weeks ago.  And she was one of my favorites.  We lost our pretty little Dottie.  Chickens-18It was easier to deal with this loss than our first one last year but it’s still pretty sad for me.  Especially having raised her from a chick and as she was so close to laying eggs.  I find that I still look for her striking black and white coloring when my flock comes running.  Chickens are pretty callous creatures though and don’t seem to have noticed their loss so I’m trying to take a page from them and not get too sad.  I know it’s a part of raising livestock so I’m putting on my big girl boots and moving on.

Speaking of which, I feel a little twisted that I immediately thought about a replacement for Dottie.  Our coop should only hold about 6 chickens so we’ll only be getting new ones as replacements at this point.  At first I was thinking we should get another Americauna for the pretty blue eggs but I’ve been convinced into trying a rooster instead.  I wasn’t interested in getting a rooster since we don’t need chicks but I think adding one might give the girls better protection from predators.  My biggest concern is that our chickens range free in our backyard that all of us, and especially my 2 boys, use.  I didn’t want to end up with an aggressive roo that would attack my guys all the time.  My parents solved my dilemma though when they offered to let us take their second rooster (who was supposed to be a young hen) off their hands.  Fred is a fairly docile young rooster who has been dominated by the top rooster.  He’s never showed any signs of people aggression so we’re going to take Fred home with us when we leave Missouri after Christmas.  (Good thing we’ve learned a thing or two about traveling with chickens!)  Hopefully he’ll be happy with his new flock of ladies and can be a benefit to them.  I’ll let you know more about him and the girls in January.

My mom was nice enough to send me Fred's snapshot so we could the handsome guy.
Mom was nice enough to send me Fred’s snapshot so we could check out the handsome guy.

The boys and I have made the long road trip from Florida to Missouri and have spent the week settling in.  It’s been nice to enjoy some colder “Christmas-y” weather and be with family again.  Our only regret is that Fly Guy had to stay behind until his vacation time starts.  We’re looking forward to have him here with us soon.  I’m sorry my posts have been a bit erratic lately and I’m hoping to have a little more time to focus on some new fun projects and show them to you soon!  Until then . . . have a fantastic second week of December.

  1. …and I was worried about traveling 650 miles with my little Cha-weiner dog. Here you’re going to be traveling with a rooster. You’re amazing! 🙂

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