Joshua Tree Revisited

My soul thrills to be here again among these jumbled rock mountains and joshua trees. 20141212-145240-53560075.jpg
When we moved from this area, it was meltingly hot and we were so ready to get out of our rental house. My emotion then was one of overwhelming relief. Now that it’s been a year and a half, I am visiting this desert community again to play with the JT Philharmonic for their holiday concerts. And to get in some amazing hikes. And to see as many old friends as I can.


And I’m able to remember what I love about this place. My favorite time of year here is the fall/winter. I love the cool weather and that the blazing sun is softened by thick clouds. I love the colors that come out of the grey and brown rocks in the softer light. I saw purples, reds, and turquoise on my hike up to Ryan Mountain yesterday. Here are a couple of my favorites:



I also think I’ve brought some Midwest weather with me because today has been uncharacteristically rainy.

And just look what else showed up:


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