Easy & Natural Solution for Ingrown Hair

Sugar & Oil Scrub PinterestThis is, yet again, a fairly personal topic but I’ve been so excited about my great results that I just had  to share with you all.  Ingrown hair has been a small but pesky annoyance to me since the days I first picked up a razor.  Apparently, my hair and skin don’t work well together and I tend to get more than my fair share of those itchy red bumps.

In fact, in my search to stop this problem, I’ve almost all but given up shaving and switched over to waxing.  It’s better but still, as the hair regrows in, it tends to become ingrown.  I’ve tried just plain exfoliation with a loofah and I’ve bought and used so many expensive treatments with salicylic acid.  All to no avail.  In fact, I’d basically given up and decided this was just my little annoyance to bear.

But recently, I ran across an easy and natural treatment that has WORKED for me!  In fact it’s so simple, I’m a bit embarrassed that I hadn’t tried it before.

Sugar and oil

Sugar & Oil Scrub-6

Yep.  There it is.  Just a sugar scrub.  Except I don’t put any scents or extras in to make sure it’s as mild and gentle as possible.  And if I keep it extra simple and easy, I’ll be more likely to keep mixing it up and using it.

Sugar gently exfoliates away any dead skin cells and unclogs any blocked follicles.  It also aids skin healing to keep it from getting infected.Sugar & Oil Scrub-10

Oils like olive oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, and sunflower oil are all wonderful oils for the skin.  I’ve had great luck with them all.  They moisturize, protect the skin, and make it silky smooth.Sugar & Oil Scrub-11

Just take some sugar and slowly add small amounts of oil at a time until you’ve got a grainy paste.  I keep mine in a Tupperware in my shower so I remember to exfoliate with it before washing up.  Sugar & Oil Scrub-4

It’s so easy and the results are amazing!!!  I noticed a huge difference after using the sugar scrub only a few times.  The face, neck, legs, upper thigh, underarms and the pubic region are the most common areas affected but you can use it on just about any part of the body that you tend to get ingrown hair.  I hope this little tip helps you as much as it has helped me!

  1. I don’t usually read blogs, but your soaps drew me in. I too struggled with ingrown hairs since I was a teen. For the private area I learned NOT to pull the skin too tight. It retracts the hair so when it is cut, the sharp end left over sticks into the skin. My husband battled them in his face until we got one of those ultrasonic face cleaning things as a gift. When we moved to the mountains and started embracing a life more simplified, I bought him a safety razor. It worked so well for my hubby that I bought one for myself. The last piece that has really helped is using my homemade body butter as a shave cream and boiling water in a coffee mug to keep and rinse our razor in. That move is definitely old school. The heat really allows the blade to cut like butter. Give them a try.

  2. I feel your pain! I struggled for years. The only thing that helped me was switching from a multi blade modern razor to an old school vintage safety razor. Sounds crazy but it changed my life, especially with my underarms! No more ingrowns.

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