Busy Times Here

Hello there!  Miss me?  I just realized it’s been over two weeks since my last post.  Let me tell you, life has been good!  And my days have been so full that I’ve dropped into bed at night without even wanting to look at the computer.  And then there’s the two weeks of no sun which doesn’t exactly inspire me to photograph our day-to-day because of the dismal light.

So please forgive me for my absence.  I’ve definitely got some future posts in the works and some fun projects but I’m having a little trouble getting to them now.  Business is booming and it’s taking all of my time to keep up with my fantastic customers once we get school done each day.  🙂

But . . . I did want to stop in and tell you that all of our hens are finally laying again!  For the first time in about a year.  Even Frank, who we haven’t seen an egg from in 6 months.  Truthfully, we were sure the old girl was done laying but she’s surprised us with a couple of her super-jumbo eggs in the box.  So, not earth-shattering news but I squealed with delight when I found a nest-box full eggs.

And thought I’d share.  🙂

Good job girls.
Good job girls.

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