Fun Little Egg Steamer

When I posted about steaming eggs to “hard-boil” them, I was delighted about finding such a great, easy way to have easy-peeling hard-boiled eggs.  Then, I got a message from Mike D. who let me know that he makes egg steamers and “would I like to try one”?

Well, of course, I jumped on that because although I’d been using a steamer insert fine, the eggs on the bottom would have a tendency to crack a bit.  And I was intrigued by this egg steamer.

Here’s what he sent:

Steaming Eggs-Le Creuset-4

Very simple, very streamlined . . . and very effective!

It holds 7 eggs and is small enough to fit into my small saucepan.  Unless you’re needing to do a large amount of eggs, this is a very nice size steamer.

The eggs sit nice and securely on it.  See?

Steaming Eggs-Le Creuset-3
I’ve got several different size eggs and each fits in securely.  There has been no cracking – each egg is “hard-boiled” perfectly.

It works exactly the same way as when I used the basket.  You can read about that in my post Easy-Peeling FRESH Hardboiled Eggs.  I’ve been enjoying this egg holder so much the last six months that I thought I’d share about it with you!

If you are interested, please contact Mike at

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