Meet Fred

Do you remember me mentioning that we’ve adopted a rooster, named Fred?  We’ve had him since the first of the year and he’s been settling in well.  Here he is:

Rhode Island Red Black Orpington mix rooster Beautiful, isn’t he?  He’s a big boy even for being so young.  He’s just getting in his spurs so we think he’s close to a year old.

The best thing about him?  He’s not aggressive – at all.  The boys play a lot in the backyard and although he’s not begging to be petted and picked up, he doesn’t mind a lot of activity going on around him.

He’s a pretty chill dude.

Beautiful Rooster

We’ll see if that makes him a great rooster though.  He doesn’t seem to be as interested in scanning the sky for predators as he is in scanning the ground for treats.


We don’t really know what breed he is.  He was given to my parents as a nondescript ‘pullet’ and they quickly realized he was a definite ‘Fred’.  My mom’s guess is that he might be a rhode island red crossed with black orpington.  Whatever he is, I love his coloring, fluffiness, and laid-back personality.

Handsome Rooster

The hens have accepted him pretty well too . . . even though he’s a bit eager in the mornings and chases them around dancing wildly for the first 10 minutes or so.  The girls all stay up in the coop until the first brave hen comes out to be chased.  It’s usually Lucy, but she seems to tolerate him pretty well.  Once she makes the first dash, the others come out while Fred’s busy chasing her.  The system seems to be working for all of them so far.

Fred and Lucy tend to stick close.
Fred and Lucy tend to stick close.

All I know, is that since he’s joined the flock, all the girls have perked up their laying.  Even Frank, our old hen, who we thought was done 6 months ago!  Way to go Fred!

  1. Fred is handsome. And for the sake of your children, I’m glad he is mild-mannered. My dad’s favorite rooster was a Rhode Island Red. He was magnificent and large (the rooster). He was territorial and dominant. I have a one-inch scar right below my right knee to prove it. And how do I know he was my dad’s favorite rooster? Because he (my father) refused to get rid of him (the rooster) after the “hilarious” (his words) incident.

    1. Wow! That sounds traumatizing! Yes, I was so concerned about having a mild rooster because of the boys. We are keeping an eye on Mr. Fred and if he starts showing any aggression to the kids, he’ll be visiting some friends of ours who won’t have any aversions to eating him. I really hope he stays so friendly though because we like him a lot and would be sad to have to send him away.

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