Grove in the Glen: Sustainable Architecture Pt. 2

Now that we talked about some of the technical details on my parents’ cabin, I thought I’d share some pictures of construction to date:

SIPs Panel Shipment
SIPs panels, ready to go – just waiting for the foundation to be poured and the timbers erected.
Passive Solar Foundation Prep
Here you can see the tubing that will be in the concrete to help move heat throughout the slab.
Concrete Foundation - Passive Solar Cabin
Now that the concrete foundation is in, you can see where the access points for the tubing and plumbing are located.
Douglas Fir Timbers
Timbers for the framing! I love timber frame houses!

Timbers and SIPs panels

Putting the timber frames together by hand.
Timber Frame cabin construction
Raising the first frame!


Timber frame cabin construction

Timber Frame and SIPs panel construction
Two walls with the SIPs panels
SIPs panels on cabin
You can see by how thick the panels are on the roof that this will be quite an efficient house!

The panels went up within a few days and it was exciting to see the shape of the house come up so quickly.  I’m looking forward to seeing this cabin’s character coming out as the finishes are added.

I’ll keep you posted.

  1. Please post more pictures! So anxious to see the progress & finished product! How exciting & practical! Can you at least tell us what state it’s in; noticed snow! Congrats!

    1. Hi Patti, I will post more pictures as my dad sends them. I’m with you – I can’t wait to see it! I think the next step is to build the interior walls and loft. The location is western Missouri.

  2. Awesome to see. I have tried so many times to get a SIPS building going for various clients. Bloody recession killed the last possible one. So happy for you and your folks!

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