Spring Garden 2015

The winter garden is bleeding over into the spring garden. As you can tell I’m doing it differently, yet again, by going back to raised beds and also using tires for potatoes. Here we have Brussels sprouts, chard, garlic, onions, potatoes and also Bok Choy going to seed. We might actually get a good harvest this year. I’ve finally fenced the garden in well enough to keep wily chickens and bunnies from getting in. But I think squirrels have also been digging around in the garden. Since I can’t easily keep them out, I’ve heard that putting hair-trimmings makes the area smell like people and keeps them out. Every time I cut the boys’ hair, we put it into the garden and you know what?  I think it’s working!We have a small shadier garden area near the house too. Looks like we need to be eating some salad!This is the 3rd time I’ve tried growing sugar snap peas here. This is the best they’ve ever looked. Fingers crossed that they’ll survive this year!  (And yes, I know I’ve got to get weeding. Spring has sprung here in FL and the weeds are coming in with a vengeance!)


  1. Oh the thought of spring. Up here in Minnesota parts of the state got up to 13″ of snow last night. We have started to scrape away at the still frozen compost pile and dumped some of the compost on the garden. We don’t think about planting our gardens until mid May, so please keep posting those garden pictures to remind us that Spring will eventually arrive here too 😎

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