School & Baseball are over – Time for Summer!

Hello all! Again, I’m sorry it’s been so long.  This spring really got the best of me!  Now that we’re done with baseball season and our school year, we’re looking forward to a much calmer and stress-free summer.  I hope you have been able to wind down, relax and enjoy a slower pace.

Here’s what our family has been up to so far:

Visited Bamahenge! Did you know that artist Mark Cline installed this replica of Stonehenge near Elberta, AL? Fly Guy found out about it and before long, we were headed to the middle of nowhere Alabama to check it out.
These fiberglass replicas were still kind of awe-inspiring based on their sheer size.
Lots of soap-making!!!
Lots of bush trimming . . . yuck. In Florida, in the summer, everything grows extremely fast and I feel like I’m constantly trimming these bushes. The boys and I have decided that we will NOT be planting any shrubbery that needs ‘shaping’ at our next house. Alas, such is the life of military renters – living with other people’s design decisions.
Renovation Planning! We already own a home in Missouri where we’ll be moving to once Fly Guy gets out of the military this coming spring. It’s a wonderful house with lots of character but it’s definitely going to need some changes. Having an interior design degree and having no home to design for the last 11 years, you can imagine the planning frenzy I’m working myself into! Here’s my least favorite view from the family room to the kitchen with that dreaded pass-through window. I hate it with a passion and will be excited to open that wall up a bit!  I’ll definitely keep you up to date during our renovation process next spring.
Introducing my boys to some classics from my childhood. I found a box of my older children’s books and among The Secret Garden, the Redwall series, and Heidi, I found several Calvin & Hobbes books. The boys haven’t put them down yet. 🙂
Teaching Mitch some beginning guitar. He’s shown an interest in learning and he’s just so cute with that guitar!

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