Men's Soap

Cucumber Tobacco & Oak Soap – Redesign

I might have the best smelling office on the planet.

My spring soap line has finished curing, been cut, and is sitting 5 feet away from me on my adorable soap shelves! And they smell wonderful . . .

The Cucumber, Tobacco & Oak soap is one of my favorite men’s scents (actually, I would probably say that about all of them!) but I really wasn’t happy with the design of the bars. I tried a 1/2 split of one side brown and one side green. Neither color was saturated enough and I ended up with a soap that left me (and everyone else) feeling a bit . . . meh. Here it is:

So, with the new Spring season I decided to redesign this fantastic soap.  It’s way prettier now.

But still manly.

Tada! The new Cucumber, Tobacco & Oak bar is here.

Men's Soap

For soapmakers:

I poured off a small amount of the soap to mix with activated charcoal.  I mixed Spirulina, moss green oxide and poppy seed into the remaining main batch of soap.  I poured a base of the green soap then added lines of black along the length of the mold.  More green, then more black lines.  I did this a few times until there was just a bit of black left, which I saved to finish the top.  I used a hanger to swirl the black and green together and then finished off the green for the top third of the mold.  I poured the rest of the black in a single line down the center of the top and swirled using a figure 8 pattern.  Then added a sprinkling of poppy seed.




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