Fall Sale at Emily’s Homestead

Hello, my friends!

What an amazing and busy year we’ve had.  Is anyone else shocked that we’re halfway through October and soon-to-be in the holiday season?  Between doing a trio of craft shows from spring to fall, we have been hard at work renovating our house, doing some traveling and homeschooling again this year.  With two growing boys, 4th grade and 6th grade, it seems that we are hopping from activity to activity for them as well.  And I know we’re not the only family feeling this way – most of my friends with kiddos are just as busy as we have been!

I am trying to slow down a bit and focus on family time, my spiritual life, and my passions.  Fall is an excellent time to turn inward and take care of ourselves as we settle in for colder, shorter days ahead.  And with that in mind, I wanted to let you know:

Emily’s Homestead is having a Fall Sale of 30% off of Spring and Summer soaps and shampoos as I make way for the new lineups of Fall and upcoming Winter soap.  This is a fantastic time to stock up on stocking-stuffers and hostess gifts for the holidays.  Or just to get some products that are great for your skin as we head into some dry, cold weather where skin tends to get chapped much easier.  My soap has blends of moisturizing oils that protect and nurture you each time you use them.

Head on over to Emily’s Homestead to check out the sale and delicious Fall scents now available!

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