Hallway Remodel: Before & After

One of my friends pointed out to me that I have never posted about any of the renovations we’ve been working on with this house.  My argument was that nothing is truly FINISHED!  But, she made the excellent point that we all like to see the process as well; not just the after.  Thanks for the push, Meg.  Here is my hallway:

Ta da!  This mostly finished little area mainly just needs some artwork on the long, empty wall.  I have an idea for that but just haven’t had time to follow through with the creation yet.  That last sentence may just sum up the story of my life . . .

Just so you are properly impressed with the amount of work that occurred in this space, here is a before picture:

This side of the house was added on some time in the 1970s.  Note the wood paneling walls in the family room; the weirdly stained brownish-yellowish-greenish trim.  (It doesn’t come across very well in the picture but believe me, it was a really strange color!)

The mudroom off of the back of the hall was dismal with cheap wood-look wallboard.  At that point, it was mainly the designated dumping grounds.

This is the 2nd vinyl floor that we found once we ripped off the top surface. You can see the extensive mold and water damage that went from the powder room into the hallway.

The toilet in the powder room had leaked for a long time and had rotted out the sub floor underneath.  My husband had the awesome job of pulling up 2 layers of floors along with moldy sub flooring.

Even with a long way to go, the area looked so much better with all the gross stuff up and gone!

Even though this is one of the smallest areas of the house, it’s one of my favorites.  The first reason is . . .  fabulous cement tiles!  Fly Guy loves bold southwestern graphics and even though it’s a little more modern than I would normally pick, we fell in love with the Tulum pattern from the Cement Tile Shop.  Cement tiles are great because the pigment goes down about .25″ from the surface so your pattern really won’t show wear and tear for a long time.  You only need to make sure that you don’t clean with an acidic cleanser as that can hurt the finish on the tiles.

Now, I’m not going to lie.  Having 3 guys and a dog around the house, I get a lot of things tracked across my floors if they forget to take off their shoes.  And dirt (sticks, leaves, etc.) shows up on the white.  BUT, since the pattern is so strong, you really don’t notice paw prints or small ickies even when they’re there.

Solar tube light installed, cement tile on the floor and of course, several coats of paint!

The other thing that makes my plain hallway shine?  (Literally!)  We installed a Solatube light in the hallway.  It’s hard to tell from pictures because we had the light on, but this was a cave-like entry from the garage.  It was always dark and felt so gloomy when we were sitting next to it in the family room!  The Solatube was probably the best improvement (besides ripping out a moldy floor) that we could have done.  The hallway is full of light all day long now, even on overcast days.

We took out the strangely placed light on the wall and were going to install a couple of can lights for evening use . . . until we realized that ducting was in the way.   Then we saw that Solatube makes a light that attaches inside the tube.  I was afraid it would block a bit of the incoming daylight but in fact, you can’t even see its shadow up there.  The reflecting angles of light bounce right around it and no one even knows there’s a light bulb in there!  Until night-time when they’re shocked to see our skylight illuminate.  We have been incredibly pleased and highly recommend adding that to your Solatube if you’re short on lighting and space.

Here’s a sneak peek of the mudroom as well. It’s got a little more work to do but it’s already SO much nicer.

Well, that’s about it for the hallway!  Eventually, I’ll be putting up a large art piece to add a bit of color and interest on the long wall.  For now though, we are thrilled with our light-filled, fun hall.

*Even though I’ve included some brand names and links, I have not been compensated in any way for these.  I am just an interior design junkie who always wonders where people get the awesome things in their houses and wanted to share so you don’t have to hunt them down if you like what you see.  :)*











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