An Unexpected Move

This morning, I’m sitting on my deck, watching the sun rise over the Rocky Mountains as I drink my tea.  Sunrise in Bailey Colorado

Thinking about the whirlwind that was our life this past year, I remembered that I hadn’t shared what was going on here.  Long story short – we moved so that Fly Guy didn’t have to keep commuting to his job.  He has a fantastic job that he loves but commuting to another city, another state, for each work trip was taking him away from home much more than we’d realized he would be.  While I could understand the hardship for him, I fought this move because we had JUST gotten HOME.  My husband and I had moved over a dozen times in the course of our marriage while he was in the military.  I was so ready to settle in and make all my dreams come true with this last move back home.

Our family, our life-long friends, our church family, all of my plans – they were there in Missouri.  Not to mention, the beautiful house that we’d been renovating from the moment we moved in.  The past two years were a long, tiring, uphill battle as I slowly came around to the idea of moving away yet again and then needing to complete house renovations so we could sell my dream home.  Apparently, my plans for us weren’t God’s plans and there was somewhere else we needed to be!

Midwest cottage with stone and green wood siding
Our beloved 1939 midwest home.

So here we are, in Bailey, CO.  We’re about an hour west of Denver and nestled in beautiful, rolling mountains at 8,300 ft in elevation.  We’ve settled in for the past 3 weeks and I have to say . . .

Deer looking in window as boys look out

Life is good.  The one word that keeps coming back to me as I go about my day is ‘peace’.  This property is so peaceful.  We watch the sun rise over distant ranges.  We’re enjoying the soaring Ponderosa pines and whispering aspens all around us.  My boys love exploring our acreage and rock hunting.  And I have a studio.  A real artist’s studio where Emily’s Homestead can grow and thrive.

Emily’s Homestead’s new soap studio

Change is hard when you’re not expecting it.  Ha!  Change is hard even when you are.  But with change can come personal growth and understanding.  I’m working on mine.  We have been so blessed wherever we’ve lived and I’m excited to continue the adventure.

Mountain Peonies


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