International Shipping Available

I’ve really struggled to get my shipping prices right. Flat rate shipping is a fantastic deal if you have a large order but I’ve had a lot of small orders come through that only needed a few lip balms or a deodorant. I’ve hated that the flat rate shipping option was so much more than necessary for those small orders, but when I’ve tried other shipping methods, it never seemed to come out to the right amounts.

So I’ve made some shipping changes again! I’m keeping the low flat-rate price for large orders but I’m adding a smaller shipping price that works for smaller orders.

$4 shipping for orders $8 and under
$7.50 shipping for orders over $8!

I hope this system works a little better for everyone! Please let me know what you think!

ALSO, I’m so excited to offer shipping options for several countries besides the United States now. I’ve done my best to keep shipping costs as low as possible and have offered 15% off shipping for orders that are over $8. See below for a list of available countries at this time. More countries will be added as soon as possible. If your country isn’t listed and you’re interested in Emily’s Homestead products, please just write to me at and I’ll work on making it happen!

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