Another Beautiful Old Lady

Years ago, I shared about my grandmother’s piano that I inherited. I love that piano and it has a beautiful tone for its small size.

However, life tends to throw surprises at you just when you aren’t looking for them. A few years ago, my parents downsized when they built their home and didn’t have room for their grand piano. They did have room for my spinnet . . . so we traded.

Here’s the beautiful grand in our house, in Colorado:Grand piano, wood, white, black piano, hanging plant, rustic, boho, mountain

We have a big, open great room so I get to enjoy the boys practicing while I’m making dinner. Or sitting down to play with a fire going in the wood stove and snow falling outside.

I hadn’t realized just how old she was until we had it tuned after this move. Turns out, she’s about 100! After months of wood fires and dirty/sticky fingers playing on her (I’m looking at you, boys!), she was needing a little love and attention.

Grand piano, plant, boho, rustic

This year, I’m focusing on how I can ‘make do’ by fixing up or reimagining what we already have instead of the constant search to acquire more. It’s always wonderful to see something you cherish looking clean, polished and fixed up again. Not that I’d be replacing a piano but I’m trying to embrace patina and imperfections throughout our house. Today, it was polishing up an old piano full of chips in the paint and dings from many moves. And loving it not despite its flaws but loving the flaws themselves – and knowing that more will appear as we continue to live life and use it. The Japanese call this mindset ‘wabi-sabi’: A world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. (Wikipedia)

As I get a little older, I’m starting to see the correlation and think that we can all be a little kinder to ourselves too.

Grand piano, plants, guitars, cello, boho, rustic
Instead of finding artwork to hang on this long wall, we decided to use our instruments as art. It also makes it a lot easier to practice when you don’t have to get them out each time.

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  1. Love this, Emily! Patina & family history is what it’s all about. It’s precisely what I love about living in my grandma’s vintage farmhouse, & why the creaks & squeaks on my old 1850s floorboards, are music to my ears!!!💕 Your grandma would be proud!😌

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