Spiced Coffee Soap Recipe

Spiced Coffee SoapIt’s been a while since I’ve posted a soap recipe.  This coffee soap is one of my very favorites so I thought I’d share.

Coffee soap is a fantastic deodorizer.  It’s great to keep in the kitchen for clean-up after cooking with garlic, onions, fish, etc.  Wheat Germ oil is a wonderful emollient that is high in Vitamin E.  It’s very nourishing to skin and is helpful with skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis.  (If you’re allergic to wheat gluten, you can also substitute with sunflower oil.  Just run the recipe through a lye calculator to make sure the lye amount is correct for the change.)  Hempseed oil is another excellent oil to use in soap and contributes protein, vitamins, minerals, and an overall silky feel to the finished bar.

Spiced Coffee Soap makes ~12 (5.5oz) bars

21oz Olive Oil

12oz Coconut Oil

5oz Castor Oil

3oz Shea Butter

3oz Coffee Butter (or you can use cocoa butter)

16 oz triple-brewed coffee (made with distilled water)

6.1oz Lye

0.1oz Cocoa Powder

~3 T Chai Latte EO blend (you can make your own at: 25 parts Natural Vanilla, 10 parts Cinnamon EO, 6 parts Clove Bud EO, 6 parts Black Pepper EO, 6 parts Chinese Star Anise EO, 6 parts Coriander EO or you can find it for sale here)

Coffee cold process soap

-Line your mold.

-Heat oils to ~100˚.

-Carefully mix the lye with the coffee and let cool to ~90˚ to 100˚.  Make sure you have proper eye protection, gloves and ventilation.

-Measure out your cocoa powder and essential oils.  Make sure you measure everything by weight!  I find that the cocoa powder is easier to blend into the soap if I mix it with a very small amount of water first.

-Once the oils and lye mixtures have cooled, pour the lye into the oils slowly while hand stirring with your stick blender.  I usually like to incorporate them slowly at first before turning on the blender.

-When you’ve reached a light trace, add the cocoa powder.  Once well mixed, add in your essential oil blend.

-Pour into your mold and lightly spritz with isopropyl alcohol (optional but it helps greatly with ash!)

-Let it sit overnight before un-molding and cutting.

Spiced Coffee Soap


    1. Thank you for catching that Swathi – I’ve changed my recipe to not use palm oil anymore but I must have missed the reference in the instructions. I’ll be changing that now. 🙂

  1. Hello! Would love to try and make this. I had a question about the EO blend, the link is not working. I was thinking of making my own. Do you know what the measurements would be in ounces for each oil listed? thanks!

    1. Hello Mary,
      I’m sorry for the delay – here are the essential oils needed to make this soap:
      1.6oz Natural Vanilla,
      .6oz Cinnamon EO,
      .4oz Clove Bud EO,
      .4oz Black Pepper EO,
      .4oz Chinese Star Anise EO, and
      .4oz Coriander EO
      Good luck and have fun!

  2. what is the Natural vanilla that you use for the Chai Latte blend? is that like vanilla extract or something different?

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