Training Update #1

Well, I told you I’d report every so often about how the training is going for my race in September. Since it’s been a few weeks since that post, I thought it was about time. I can sum it up in one word:


Some neighboring horses along my picturesque run.

I am slow. I am weak. I swell up after about 30 minutes. But I’ve kept at it and as few miles as I get in – as slow as my pace is – I feel good that I’ve made this start.  Right now, time is on my side.

The first two weeks, I focused on using my husband’s 25 lb kettle bell and climbing on the Versa-climber. I’ve got weak knees from underdeveloped quads and I’m hoping to avoid knee pain by strengthening up.

This past week, I’ve started to put a few miles down. I am up to about 5 miles running/hiking on my long runs. Unfortunately, Heidi (our German Shepherd) is getting to the point that she can’t go more than a mile or two and so I’ve lost my faithful running partner. She’s definitely still game for some short runs around our neighborhood but I’ve missed having her with me as I go farther. She helped me train up for a long race before having baby #2 about 5 years ago and I always felt safer having her with me on many of those runs.

I thought I’d take a picture so you could see me at the beginning and then can see my progress as I go. But after taking several shots at the end of my 5 mile run today, I realized I just can’t let that out on the web. Just picture a red, sweaty face with hair falling out from the pony tail and stuck to all the aforementioned sweat. You get the idea. I DID snap a shot from the knees down though: photo-5Maybe my legs will start looking stronger as the training goes on.

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